Sunday, January 3, 2010


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Life in the twentieth century demands preparation. Today, all individuals in a country must have adequate-schooling to prepare them for their responsibilities as citizens. With this in mind, national leaders everywhere are placing more emphasis on the education of the young. In the United States, government officials, parents, and teachers are working hard to give the children-tomorrow's decision-maker-the best preparation available. There is no national school policy in the United States. Each of the fifty states makes its own rules and regulation for its schools, but there are many similarities among the fifty school systems. Public schools in all states are supported by taxes paid by the citizens of the individual states. In most states, the children are required to attend school until they reach the age of sixteen.

When they become six years old, the children begin elementary school. After six years in elementary school, they go into junior high school and remain for three years. The last three years of their public school education are spent in senior high school, from which they graduated at the age of eighteen.

A great number of high school graduates continue their education in one of many collages or universities in the country. After four years, the received a bachelor's degree. Some continue for a master's degree and perhaps a doctor's degree.

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