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The title above might be unfamiliar to you, but if I change fit into football, you will know what it means. It is one of the most popular sports in the world. It's a game played by two teams, each of which consists of eleven players. It's played outdoor on a football pitch. A football match is lead by a referee who is helped by two linesmen.

Traditionally, a team consist of a keeper, the last player who defends the goal and prevents the opponent from scoring goals, two backs in front of the keeper, three centres in the middle of the field, and five forwards who are responsible for scoring goals in the frontest position. Among those players only keeper is allowed to keep the ball with his hands during the game. If the ball is out of position either on the left or the right side, on of them except the keeper must throw the ball into the field.

There are some strict regulations that should be followed by the players. They are neither allowed to hit the oppenent purposely nor do rude actions. An example of rude actions is an irresponsible slidding tackle. It happens when a player tries to prevent his oppent from moving further rudely. The referee will never tolerate the rude action and he will punish his team by giving a free kick to the opponent. If it's considered serious, besides a free kick for the opponent, the player will get a yellow card, or even a red one. The latter means that the player must leave the field without heing replaced. Another regulasion is that fighting is prohibited, let alone hitting the referee.

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